Aloha! Welcome to my interblogocast!

By | July 18, 2007

You’ve happened upon the official blog for the Writing For Pay podcast, you lucky so-and-so!

Right now I’m recording and editing the first three episodes of the podcast. I’m also setting up various behind the scenes mechanisms and making important decisions. The main one that I face is, how often will new shows come out? This series is going to be driven by interviews, and it’s hard to imagine that I’ll be doing an interview a week at this point. So, maybe every couple of weeks.

But having set up this site after much labor, I can’t just let it sit here doing nothing while I work on the podcast. When the opportunity presents itself I’ll post a little something about the world of writing for pay. Something that doesn’t require me to think much. Ideally, someone else will say something insightful and then I’ll wave and point at it. Yeah.