Mur Lafferty interviews Connie Willis

By | August 29, 2007

Just because I don’t let my guests talk about fiction writing doesn’t mean there aren’t great tips and insights from the world of fiction that we can all use.

This morning I listened to Mur Lafferty of I Should Be Writing interview one of my favorite authors, Connie Willis. It’s a great interview. Along with topics such as character creation and plot, Connie discusses the knotty issues of time management and working from home.

On time management: There’s no magic bullet. This is a problem that never, ever gets solved once and for all.В  Life will always get in the way of writing, but there are ways to find writing time every day, and build up good work habits.

On working from home: There are some kinds of work that she can do at home, but she doesn’t write at home.
Also: Writing is really, really hard.

Give it a listen!

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