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Vegas, baby! An unexpected interview, plus mojitos

So there I was, at a party in Las Vegas on Friday night, talking with a woman who I primarily knew through friends and family. And the woman wrapped up an anecdote by saying, “…but I get enough freelance writing and editing work to support myself.” “Excuse me,” I said. “Did you say…?” Today we… Read More »

Hello, UNLV Advanced Comp students!

Jaq Greenspon, whom I interviewed for the first episode of Writing For Pay, is using this podcast as part of his learning materials in the Advanced Composition class he’s teaching at UNLV. Hello, Jaq’s students! I invite your comments, questions, and suggestions at this blog, or e-mail me at Go Rebels! (That invitation appplies to the… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 004 Show Notes

We chat with Seattle-based freelancer Zia Munshi (and at one point, her pug Harry.) 0:20 – Wade is working from a noisy, noisy Starbucks. The resulting sound quality is not awesome. :43 – That second piece? Insanely hard to write, as it turned out. 1:11 – That barista in the background was hilarious. 1:39 – Zia Munshi joins us.… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 004 – Zia Munshi

Wade talks to freelance writer Zia Munshi about breaking into the advertising business, writing case studies, putting a portfolio together, and blogging to help your career. Also: using “impact” as a verb. (shudder)Show notes at

Sean Williams: advice for aspiring writers

In a recent LiveJournal post, author Sean Williams says that he finds it difficult to give advice to aspiring writers for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is that in this game, there aren’t any rules. I ask all of my guests for that sort of advice, but it’s not because I’m expecting THE answer… Read More »