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Writing For Pay Ep. 008 Show Notes

Jim Geluso covers the city beat at the Bakersfield Californian. 0:45 – The Writing For Pay account on is no more. If you want to share a cool writing link, just tag your bookmark “writingforpay”. 1:02 – Wade is sick, but still he must write for pay. 2:39 – Wade sits down with Jim… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 008 – Jim Geluso Pt. 1

Wade interviews Jim Geluso, two-fisted news reporter for the Bakersfield Californian. In Part One, Jim discusses the difference between writing hard news and features, how the public’s reading habits are shaped by editorial decisions, his first paid writing job, and the day to day challenges that a reporter faces. Show notes at

John Scalzi’s advice to new writers about money

Author John Scalzi offers some profoundly useful guidance to writers about money, correctly diagnosing most of us having as much financial sense “as chimps on crack.” It’s a long essay, and I recommend you absorb every word of it. Here are his top points: 1. You’re a writer. Prepared to be broke. 2. Don’t quit… Read More »