Writing For Pay Ep. 008 Show Notes

By | February 13, 2008

Jim Geluso covers the city beat at the Bakersfield Californian.

0:45 – The Writing For Pay account on del.icio.us is no more. If you want to share a cool writing link, just tag your bookmark “writingforpay”.
1:02 – Wade is sick, but still he must write for pay.
2:39 – Wade sits down with Jim Geluso, a real live newspaper reporter.
2:50 – Journalism might be a type of writing that gets you laid, which disqualifies it from this podcast. Is this interview already over?
4:05 – The types of writing that Jim does for the paper.
6:45 – People want hard news from Washington D.C. and happy feature stories from their local area. Why?
7:58 – How Jim got started in writing – a passion for news and politics.
9:22 – Jim’s first paid writing job.
10:21 – The day to day challenges of journalism.
Jim’s City Beat blog at the Californian: http://people.bakersfield.com/home/Blog/citybeat

Music by Morgansorange