Monthly Archives: April 2008

Asmodee Editions “Senji” rules available for download

WFP guest Eric Franklin quietly but proudly points out that if you look at the very bottom of Page 19 of the rules booklet for Senji, you’ll find him listed as a translator. Hooray for Eric! See, once you get on the show I’ll pretty much pimp your stuff forever.

Kobold Quarterly #4 reviewed in WIRED

Issue #4 of WFP guest Wolfgang Baur’s magazine Kobold Quarterly got this stellar review on WIRED’s Geekdad blog: The sole remaining professional roleplaying game magazine, Kobold Quarterly became number one by beheading all of its competitors in spectacular urban swordfights. NICE. Here’s the episode where Wolfgang and I talked about the magazine, right before its launch. (Via Open Design)