Writing For Pay Ep. 011 Show Notes

By | June 1, 2008

Christa Terry is the writer and editor of the bridal blog Manolo For The Brides. Her book iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing But ‘Net is coming out on June 10.

  • Job-hunting in Boston.
  • Envy and spite: valuable career tools.
  • Enter the Manolo.
  • Editorial policy in the Manolo blog empire.
  • Blogging for pay: how does it work?
  • Blogger ethics and conflicts of interest.
  • Never Teh Bride does not shill, even for freebies.
  • Blogging gives a writer a tremendous intimacy with readers.
  • Anonymity or infamy? Blogging with a persona.
  • Does your bridal blog change once you become a bride?

Christa’s book:
iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing But ‘Net

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Christa recommends:
The Everything Guide To Writing A Book Proposal

Music by Morgansorange