More opportunities: Help Students Write Essays

By | September 1, 2014

If you still look for new ways to earn by writing, and if you have skills in academic writing, I think this opportunity may sound interesting to you.

As I’ve noticed, the niche of essay writing is quite popular now (school semester on its way), and many authors use this possibility to get extra income. Thanks to a big number of websites where one can get paid by doing homework, you get both experience, money and develop your portfolio.

This opportunity will work perfectly for freelancers who are proficient in academic writing. You may start working with online resources like oDesk, WriterAccess etc., or explore the niche directly by joining the team of experts who gather to provide academic help (both writing and editing) to students. Here’s the website where writing essays can become your profession. Not everyone can participate though. If you think you can handle this (aka back to school), check out the website I’ve mentioned above (the service is currently open to meet new members).

There may be two questions, I suppose:

  • how much money can I earn?
  • how many offers/orders may I have?

Everything will depend on many factors, such as your writing skills and academic background, ability to meet deadlines, number of happy/returned clients satisfied with the quality of your work, season (as a rule, the niche of essay writing “sleeps” in summer, because its clients (students mostly) do not need papers on holidays), etc.

Taking into consideration all the above information, I would recommend you guys to test your skills as an essay writer, ’cause this niche may become a good source of stable income. Yes, it demands some specific formatting knowledge, excellent grammar and research skills, but if you believe you can do it, go ahead and try. You’ve wrote those papers in college, why not try again when you can?