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Asmodee Editions “Senji” rules available for download

WFP guest Eric Franklin quietly but proudly points out that if you look at the very bottom of Page 19 of the rules booklet for Senji, you’ll find him listed as a translator. Hooray for Eric! See, once you get on the show I’ll pretty much pimp your stuff forever.

Kobold Quarterly #4 reviewed in WIRED

Issue #4 of WFP guest Wolfgang Baur’s magazine Kobold Quarterly got this stellar review on WIRED’s Geekdad blog: The sole remaining professional roleplaying game magazine, Kobold Quarterly became number one by beheading all of its competitors in spectacular urban swordfights. NICE. Here’s the episode where Wolfgang and I talked about the magazine, right before its launch. (Via Open Design)

HellDorado official English rules available

If you listened to the show where I interviewed game editor Eric Franklin and were intrigued by his description of Asmodee’s HellDorado, you’ll be happy to know that the official English rules are now available. Check it out! Man, it looks like Unit A is in a peck of trouble. Run, Unit A! Run!

Writing For Pay Ep. 005 Show Notes

Eric Franklin plays games, edits games, demonstrates games, writes about games, and for all we know, eats games. 0:25 – Another on-the-scene show, this time from Phoenix Games in Mukilteo. “Neurse Schivosk” is a reference to Greg Costikyan’s Slobbovia. 1:15 – Eric Franklin joins us. 1:36 – The nuts and bolts of Eric’s job editing translations of French games for Asmodee… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 005 – Eric Franklin

Wade interviews Eric Franklin, who edits translations of French games for release in the United States. Eric drops some insider tidbits about the upcoming games “Hell Dorado” and “The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow: New Moon”.В  Allons-y!Show notes at

Writing For Pay Ep. 003 Show Notes

Part Two of our conversation with writer, editor, and game designer Wolfgang Baur. 0:58 – What Wade is up to lately, writing-wise. 2: 18 – Wolfgang’s Open Design project: writing for patrons! 6:11 – Keeping the patrons entertained while they’re waiting. 8:05 – Why the relative lack of advice and how-tos in the game industry? 11:05 – Open Design vs. the… Read More »

Go write video games

Doug Cohen recently made an impassioned plea to science fiction fans and writers to subscribe to SF short fiction magazines in order to resurrect the market. Jeremiah Tolbert responded by comparing this effort to buggy whip manufacturers struggling to save their endangered industry. He agrees that the short fiction market is dying, but thinks that writers should move… Read More »