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John Scalzi’s advice to new writers about money

Author John Scalzi offers some profoundly useful guidance to writers about money, correctly diagnosing most of us having as much financial sense “as chimps on crack.” It’s a long essay, and I recommend you absorb every word of it. Here are his top points: 1. You’re a writer. Prepared to be broke. 2. Don’t quit… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 006 and 007 Show Notes

Joyce Gorsuch is an accomplished media professional who has produced radio programs for the award-winning daily news show “State of Nevada” at Nevada Public Radio. As a freelance writer and editor she has created content on topics ranging from rice research to silent films to commercial real estate development. Joyce’s home page:

MP3 download problem fixed

Awesome WFP listener Charles Tan hepped me to the fact that the MP3 download link for the new episode was broken. That’s weird, I thought, I tested it as soon as the show was posted and it worked fine. Well, right after testing the link I’d enabled PodTrac on this site to collect stats on… Read More »

Episodes and show notes now easier to find

Oh, and also: I tinkered with the categories a little to help make it easier for you to find the individual episodes and show notes on this site. The episodes can be found in the Podcast category. The show notes can be found in Show Notes.

So where’s the new episode, Wade?

I’m workin’ on it, I’m workin’ on it! In fact, right this very second I’m editing my interview with Joyce Gorsuch. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately. Too much for anyone’s good, probably–I suspect that I’m somewhat overcommitted with my work and volunteer obligations. I’m trying to sort things out so that instead… Read More »


“I just woke up and I’m going to lunch with my friend Robert Crumb. Then I will listen to records. It sure beats writing but doesn’t pay as well, unfortunately. You can’t get a health plan listening to old records.” – Terry Zwigoff on the writers’ strike A shout out to our brothers and sisters in… Read More »

Vegas, baby! An unexpected interview, plus mojitos

So there I was, at a party in Las Vegas on Friday night, talking with a woman who I primarily knew through friends and family. And the woman wrapped up an anecdote by saying, “…but I get enough freelance writing and editing work to support myself.” “Excuse me,” I said. “Did you say…?” Today we… Read More »

Hello, UNLV Advanced Comp students!

Jaq Greenspon, whom I interviewed for the first episode of Writing For Pay, is using this podcast as part of his learning materials in the Advanced Composition class he’s teaching at UNLV. Hello, Jaq’s students! I invite your comments, questions, and suggestions at this blog, or e-mail me at Go Rebels! (That invitation appplies to the… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 004 Show Notes

We chat with Seattle-based freelancer Zia Munshi (and at one point, her pug Harry.) 0:20 – Wade is working from a noisy, noisy Starbucks. The resulting sound quality is not awesome. :43 – That second piece? Insanely hard to write, as it turned out. 1:11 – That barista in the background was hilarious. 1:39 – Zia Munshi joins us.… Read More »