Writing For Pay Ep. 010 – Christa Terry Pt. 1

It’s spring, and Writing For Pay’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Wade interviews Christa Terry, writer and editor of Manolo For The Brides and author of the upcoming book “iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing But ‘Net”. Show notes at www.writingforpay.org

Quick writing contest: win free shoes from Zappos

The CEO of online shoe retailer Zappos likes to throw out quickie contests via his Twitter account. There’s a new one going on that’s right up our alley – but you gotta be fast! Deadline is 11:59 PM on May 5th. (That’s today.) We think our order confirmation emails lack pizzazz. They just aren’t fun, weird… Read More »

Asmodee Editions “Senji” rules available for download

WFP guest Eric Franklin quietly but proudly points out that if you look at the very bottom of Page 19 of the rules booklet for Senji, you’ll find him listed as a translator. Hooray for Eric! See, once you get on the show I’ll pretty much pimp your stuff forever.

Kobold Quarterly #4 reviewed in WIRED

Issue #4 of WFP guest Wolfgang Baur’s magazine Kobold Quarterly got this stellar review on WIRED’s Geekdad blog: The sole remaining professional roleplaying game magazine, Kobold Quarterly became number one by beheading all of its competitors in spectacular urban swordfights. NICE. Here’s the episode where Wolfgang and I talked about the magazine, right before its launch. (Via Open Design)

Writing For Pay Ep. 009 Show Notes

Jim Geluso covers the city beat at the Bakersfield Californian. Wade has a new job. We return to the next thrilling installment of our interview with Jim Geluso, newspaper reporter. The rewards of a career in journalism. The challenges that the newspaper industry faces today. How is it adapting? Not very well. Newspapers: less litigious, self-righteous… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 009 – Jim Geluso Pt. 2

Wade plays hardball with Jim Geluso, pressing him with tough questions about the life of a journalist. In Part Two of the interview, Jim talks about the excitement of local news reporting, the challenges facing the newspaper industry, and how Yahoo! News and the Associated Press are killing journalism. Show notes at www.writingforpay.org

Meet me at SXSWi 2008

  I’m in Austin, Texas right this very second for the South by Southwest Interactive festival. If you’re coming too, keep an eye out for this clown: Here’s a photo I took in downtown Austin with my new BlackJack mobile phone:

Writing For Pay Ep. 008 Show Notes

Jim Geluso covers the city beat at the Bakersfield Californian. 0:45 – The Writing For Pay account on del.icio.us is no more. If you want to share a cool writing link, just tag your bookmark “writingforpay”. 1:02 – Wade is sick, but still he must write for pay. 2:39 – Wade sits down with Jim… Read More »

Writing For Pay Ep. 008 – Jim Geluso Pt. 1

Wade interviews Jim Geluso, two-fisted news reporter for the Bakersfield Californian. In Part One, Jim discusses the difference between writing hard news and features, how the public’s reading habits are shaped by editorial decisions, his first paid writing job, and the day to day challenges that a reporter faces. Show notes at www.writingforpay.org