Word nerd: Counterfactual

This morning the Slate Political Gabfest discussed Elizabeth Edwards’ claim that her husband John would be a better presidential candidate for women that Hillary Clinton.В  Slate’s chief political correspondent John Dickerson called this statement “counterfactual.” In this context, “counterfactual” strikes me as a wonderfully diplomatic word. Ms. Edwards’ statement isn’t “wrong” or “a lie” or even “mistaken” – much… Read More »

It ain’t all sunshine and unicorn giggles

Game designer Wolfgang Baur talks about the “muddle in the middle” of large projects in his essay Why Writers Get Paid (which he describes as “a bit of a rant.”) The early stages of a project are always sunshine and unicorn giggles, laughter and frolic, all the tasty outer frosting of the writing cake. I love the… Read More »

Aloha! Welcome to my interblogocast!

You’ve happened upon the official blog for the Writing For Pay podcast, you lucky so-and-so! Right now I’m recording and editing the first three episodes of the podcast. I’m also setting up various behind the scenes mechanisms and making important decisions. The main one that I face is, how often will new shows come out? This series… Read More »

To begin at the beginning

“The only right way of telling a story is to begin at the beginning–at the beginning of the world. Therefore all books have to be begun in the wrong way for the sake of brevity.” – G.K. Chesterton